Florian Buchholz was born on December 23, 1991 in Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He is an actor and producer, known for Intruder (2018), Crazy Woman Got a Gun (2017) and Verlobung in St. Domingo (2015).

Marei Annis is a German writer, producer and actress and co-founder of the international independent production company “AVA – All Visions Align”.

Raised in rural Germany, she soon moved on from local theater productions to bigger stages and a more international approach. She has lived and worked in Berlin and London on various short- and feature film productions – “Your Move (2015)” with Bruce Langley and “Intruder (2018)” with Sandra De Sousa being the most recent successes.

Marei has studied with a variety of international teachers, such as Hollywood coach Bernard Hiller and actress Lisa Peschia. Her fields of expertise also cover dancing and singing, which led her to be recruited by London-based rock band TurboWitch as lead singer in 2016.

Sebastian Liebl is a student of art and theology, problem-solving genius, technology friend and AVA – All Visions Align’s finance manager.

Maira Stork is a director based in Schlangen, Germany.

Maria Tauber is a historian and creative executive for AVA – All Visions Align

Katharina Siemeling is a cinematographer and artist prodigy from Germany. She studied fine arts at Kunstakademie Münster.