Queen of Hearts

“My men will continue to slaughter each and every one of your women, as long as they resist”

The sun has melted away all that once defined human civilisation: Cities, tools, technology – it’s all gone.
Some humans have evolved to survive the heat… but only one now holds the key to what they all still need to survive:
Queen Pandora has the power to make it rain.
So she controls society. She controls, who lives, who dies and on what terms.
It seems that the only way to survive is to submit to her cruel reign: Women live as slaves. Men die as soldiers.
That is until another queen is chosen by those, who no longer believe that suffering is the only way to survival.
Queen Mithra fights for her ideals. So she raises an army of 6000 women, who declare themselves willing to oppose the 1000 men in Pandora’s army.
But even though all odds are in their favor, the women stand no chance against the organised force that the established queen puts in their way – so Mithra has only one last chance to turn things around: She must confront Pandora herself. And with that, her inner doubts, fears and demons.
What’s of more value:
Freedom or Survival?

A Steampunk Adventure
Written by: Marei Annis

Sandra De Sousa
Emilia Lindgren

Karla Alfonso-Smith
Dionne Neish

Sean Fawaz
Matt Aaron Lucas

Fight Choreographer:
Tim Weske