We are thrilled to announce that our first feature film, Sci-Fi Comedy “INTRUDER” will first be shown at a private screening to the team and an exclusively selected audience on January 20th 2018 near our filming location in Germany.

The first reviews are expected to come in shortly after!


The second AVA Team has officially been founded in Los Angeles, California. The Original Six are joined by Sandra De Sousa, Emilia Lindgren, Sean Fawaz, Karla Alfonso-Smith, Sasha Iov, Jahmila Dubuc and Matt Aaron Lucas. The US Team will begin production of a webseries in spring 2018.


Interview with AVA founding member Marei Annis in the German magazine “Meile” is out! Thanks to Petra Jastro for conducting this extremely enlightening Interview.

JULY 2017

The first INTRUDER Teaser Trailer is here!