“Just because it’s not the most likely thing to happen, doesn’t mean it’s never gonna happen”

Felix really just wanted a quiet night of work.
Instead he gets Isabella.
The strange woman appears out of nothing at his doorstep, begging him for help – and then turns his whole life upside down in just one turbulent night full of surprises.
With the help of his lovesick best friend Caleb and suddenly struck-by-amnesia co-worker Alex, the young scientist must decide quickly:
Shut out the intruder – or embark on the journey of a lifetime to face the greatest mystery of the universe: women.

A Science Fiction Comedy
Directed by: Maira Stork & Sandra De Sousa
Written by: Marei Annis
Cinematography: Katharina Siemeling

Sam Alan
Marei Annis
Florian Buchholz

Vika Chilap
Bernd Capitain
Marios Gavrilis

and Sandra De Sousa