Goals 2018

Financial: $30000 in Company Funds

Reaching this milestone will enable us to raise the legal status of AVA – All Visions Align in both Germany and the United States from GBR/DBA to GmbH/LLC.

This will enable us to act more freely as a legal entity and grow into a full for-profit company. That way we’ll be able to hire legal support to make sure we keep doing everything the right way, while also gaining much faster access to financial resources to keep making our movies, the way we want to.

We’ll be able to cover basic costs of all “behind the scenes” operations and we’ll be able to dedicate even more time and energy into our actual creative processes, because we wont need to invest our personal money into maintaining the company.

This goal is the foundation for all our creative endeavors. And YOU can help us reach it!

Full Team Production: Feature Film "Queen of Hearts"

Team USA: Launch Webseries

Team Germany: Distribute "INTRUDER"