Whenever we reach a milestone – one of our goals – we also want to give something back.

Once we reach this goal, each team member of Team AVA Germany will dedicate a significant amount of time volunteering for one of the following six charities:

Marei will volunteer as a personal assistant on a week-long wheelchair skills course by the Back-Up Trust, who help people with spinal cord injury regain skills for independent living and a lot of confidence. She’s previously worked as a carer for spinal injury patients and wants to further empower people to keep persuing their goals and create an amazing life for themselves after being confined to a wheelchair.

Maria will join “Balu und Du”, a mentoring programme in which volunteers between the age of 17 and 30 (the Balus) spent time with a child (their Mogli), once a week on a set afternoon. The aim is to create a personal bond and help young, less privileged children to grow up in our world and find their way in life. Already volunteering as a coach in athletics, Maria has experienced how many children rely on a close reference person outside school and family. By participating in this programme for at least a year, she wants to share her outlook on life and help her Mogli follow his or her visions.

Florian will participate in a course by a local hospice in Cologne, which enables him to work as a volunteer in terminal care. After that he will volunteer for at least 3 months, 3 hours a week in terminal care in a hospice.
As a lover of life, Florian wants to help people to say goodbye to their loved ones and have an open heart and ear for those who need it in this time of uncertainty. Since death is an unevitable aspect of life, he is convinced of the importance of being conscious of our mortality. On this way he wants to empower people to free themselves from old burdens, concernes and the fear of the unknown.

Sebastian is aiming to get involved in a newly founded programme called “Erfahrungsschätze” (treasure troves of experience), in which university students take part in various projects for students between the age of 11 and 16.  Drawing on their own life and work experience, they want to counsel them on future career perspectives and share thoughts on various topics such as cultural diversity and environmental issues.

Maira pledges her love to animals. She has decided to volunteer for a local animal shelter in Germany and support the local staff for ten hours a week, for six weeks. Maira believes that we hear about cases of animal abuse too often, when, in fact, this should not be happening at all. She has therefore decided to pick a local organisation which helps animals in need – because all animals deserve to be loved!