All About AVA

AVA – All Visions Align is a visionary film production company, currently consisting of two teams based in Nordrhein-Westphalia, Germany and Los Angeles, California. 

The company was started by Marei Annis (writer, producer, actress) and five of her closest friends and favorite colleagues in March 2017. Florian Buchholz (actor), Katharina Siemeling (cinematographer), Maira Stork (director), Maria Tauber (historian) and Sebastian Liebl (finance manager) form the heart of AVA Germany.

In June 2017 they produced their first feature film, science fiction comedy “INTRUDER” for under 10.000€ in only 10 days of shooting with an international cast & crew originating in over 10 different countries. The film was finished in January 2018 and will be released later on this year.

Marei went on to establish the second team in Los Angeles in November 2017, bringing on board Sandra De Sousa (actress, director), Emilia Lindgren (writer, director), Karla Alfonso-Smith (actress), Sean Fawaz (actor), Sasha Iov (finance expert), Jahmila Dubuc (writer) and Matt Aaron Lucas (actor, aspiring director). The US team is starting the production of a comedy webseries in spring 2018.

In summer 2018, the two teams will come together to produce AVA – All Visions Align’s second feature film, “Queen of Hearts”, a steampunk adventure. Marei will also travel to the UK to establish a third branch in London.