Our Vision

What we stand for is quite simple: If every single person on this planet follows their greatest, grandest vision of themselves – everything falls into place. There is no need for competition, because every vision is unique. No need to try and take each other out anymore – because there is in fact enough space, enough time, enough love… we just have some work to do in making this – our vision – a reality for everyone. But that’s what we’re in the game for!
With the films we create, we want to – step by step – inspire, encourage, shake and awake people into recognising their vision and regaining belief, that it is within their reach.
At a time, where humanity as a whole is faced with endless questions regarding „unity vs separation“, we put our trust in what connects us, rather than let our differences (in timezone, origin, age, experience, financial status, height, weight, ethnicity, religion and favorite breakfast cereal) keep us from allowing all of our visions to align and create something new and amazing.
The stories we tell always in some way reflect our philosophy – sometimes in a very obvious way, sometimes simply by raising questions we feel deserve some thought. 
Only together we are able to create films that are bigger than we are. And only, as long as we are inspired, empowered and progressing, we can empower others.
All Visions Align
What is yours?